vintage german Cuckoo Clock music box black Forest

They offer a very old, beautiful wooden cuckoo clock. The cuckoo clock is a very nice hand-painted, has a large balcony, about the cuckoo calls and on the other hand, looks a man, and the Emperor Waltz will be played. On the right stands a small balcony deer in the grass, on the small balcony left is a forest scene in the mountains. Below, in the middle t is grass, flowers 2 mushrooms and a small bird. The whole cuckoo clock is lovingly worked. On the reverse side is the logo CUENDET, swiss musical movement, No. 184, Emperor Waltz.
For each quarter hour of cuckoo calls, in which he calls on the hour as many times as the time indicates. The man from the right window looks out each hour, and it plays the Emperor Waltz, a beautiful melody.
Due to mount the 3 heavy weights made of metal, in the form of pine cones, runs the clock immediately. The cuckoo clock is 25cm high and 21cm wide.
The clock is completely intact, with no cracks in the wood and works properly. I like to send several pictures, if they so desire

If they have questions, do not hesitate to ask! Payment and shipping US $ 44, Europe 19,50 EU, Germany 7,80 EU