Vintage German GM Regula Cuckoo Black Forest Clock

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This item was an estate find. We know nothing about clocks but will describe what we see.

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This auction is for a German Cuckoo clock. We aren't sure about when it was made or if the term Black Forest accurately applies. We are guessing from the description and information that other ebayers were using. There is a mark on the wooden cover that says: Germany. Also a label there says: Der Vogelhandler, Gueissaz, 708. Inside, the marks say: Made in Germany, 25, Regula (we believe this to be the word but we can't see the "R") , G.M. 1716788/1705294, G.M. 1731483/1741584. Also on the top plate that seems to support the music box, 1022 is stamped in ink.

From what we have read and observed ,this appears to be a One day (Regula designates the movement Regula 25 being a 20 hour or one day clock), musical clock with pendulum , 2 doors, 3 weights, 3 hooks and 3 rings. One door reveals a tiny figure of a man, while the other reveals the infamous cuckoo bird.

We ran and tested the clock from
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