Vintage German HB 61 .61 RC Remote control engine Perry Carb

I have a HB .61 engine. It turns over well has good compression and is in overall good condition. It appears to have been used lightly. It seems to have good compression and doesn't seen to have been used that hard. Look at the pics and please feel free to ask questions.
A disclaimer on these engines is as follows. Almost all of these are engines I have never used and know nothing about other than my grandads memory and what I can see. They have been sitting untouched for over five year and some of them longer. Most I have cleaned up and put a little after run oil in to check how they turn over and see what the compression is. I describe them to the best of my ability. If you buy them you are getting them as is. Even if they are as new or barely used I recommend you look them over good to make sure they are operational. I always test bench any engine for a good while before trying to put a plane in the air with one. I recommend you do at least that as well before using these. Just my recommendation and what I have done with every used engine I have ever bought. When I say they are apparently in good condition I mean that in all apeearances after a good cleaning / minor rebuild you would have a excellent engine. It will probably take less. However I mean there is no apparent mechanical failure or excessive wear. When I state
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