Vintage German Musical Cuckoo Clock Painted Roses Girl Deer Black Forest Germany

Hello and thank you for observing this clock.

This is a German one day musical cuckoo clock. It has three

320 gram weights, which will need to be drawn up daily. This clock has a wooden dial and a lot of beautiful hand painting with pink roses and flowers.

On the hour and half an hour it will play one of two songs. Edelweiss and The happy wanderer. At this time the platform dancers will turn and rotate. This can be seen on the video shown below.

This clock is in good operating condition. I have disassembled the clock and cleaned and oiled the movement and music box. I also cleaned the case and remaining hardware. Then I installed new below tops and added two German figurines to the platform for added character.

I pack my clocks well, securing the weights to the box for shipping and I also insure every package and include instructions for operation of the cuckoo clock.

Adjustments might have to be made after shipment. Shipping is for within the US only.

The measurements are 11 inches height, 10 inches width and five inches depth.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will be happy to answer them.

. Henry

My interest in Cuckoo clocks began 30 years ago when I was stationed in Germany . I was amazed by the artistic woodcarving skills I witnessed while they
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