Two Vintage German porcelain fairings Kiss Me Quick Stop Your Tickling Jock

These two fairings have some age to them. One shows the legend 'Stop Your Tickling Jock' under two people frolicking in a bed. The name on the base is 'Schwanz and Stier'. This one is in perfect condition and probably dates to the early 20th century. The other one shows a gent and a maid in 19th century dress and the inscription reads 'Kiss Me Quick'. This one appears to be earlier in date than the other one and has a series of numbers on the base but no manufacturers name. Unfortunately there is some damage to the centre middle of the piece where a decorative finial has broken off (see photo). I am assuming that this is also of German manufacture but I could be wrong. Width at bases: 3" to 3.5", height of 'Jock' fairing at nightcap: 3.5".

I bought these in the heat of the moment in an auction - unfortunately at some expense. I now realise that they are not my thing at all so please grab yourselves a bargain!