Vintage German Steel Pocket Knife Sow Belly Jigged Bone QUALITY Frost Knives

First off let me start out by explaining a little something, Im going to let you all in on a little secret. This here knife is marked Pakistan, it was in fact assembled in Pakistan, however, the blade steel is made & produced by Thyssen Krupp the worlds largest producer of steel, a German Steel company!! Here is the secret, for those of you whom are under the belief that your favorite old knife company is now garbage because its "made in china"!! Folks 85% if not more of your favorite knife companies that are now marked china, they are not made in china!!! All the parts & pieces are all still manufactured in the good old USA, or in this case Germany. The knives are then sent overseas to be assembled. They are not manufactured in china, they are only assembled there. The knives are still made up of the good quality materials they have been and will be. Therefore, it comes down to quality assembly, and there are some knives out there that are not assembled well, but these here knives are quality assembled and the blades are genuine German Stainless Steel, period!!
Folks this is a solid well made knife, its an older knife and was produced with quality materials. I buy a lot of knives as a collector and a part time dealer, I never buy junk or cheap knives, not on purpose! When I saw these knives I had to put one in my hand
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