Vintage Gero Holland Hammered Pewter Raised Bowl

In beautiful condition, this raised pewter bowl has a 10 5/8" (27 cm) top diameter and stands 6 1/4" (15 cm) tall. The bowl sits on six kneeling babies (possibly buddas, all in the eyes of the beholder). The top edge and bottom of the base are beaded. With the exception of the children, the piece is hammered.

The underside of the is marked Gero Holland on the underside. Barely visible and hard to photograph. The mark is covered with the remains of a sticker which I was not able to remove. When the sticker is moistened, Gero is easier to read. T is another remnant of a sticker on the underside of the base, possibly a former price sticker.

This piece is in all but perfect condition. T is one immeasurable uneven spot on the top edge. It is visible in my first picture. Not about 8 oclock. It's brely pronounced in that picture and even less so in person.

Please see a Gero hammered pewter vase with a raised base that I am concurrently selling on ebay.