Vintage Ghurka Knife World War II

This is an original vintage Ghurka Khukuri Knife as used by Ghurka Troops (Nepal) under British Command during World War II. The Ghurka have fought alongside British troops in every major engagement, including two world wars, and hundreds of minor skirmishes. In trench warfare against the German forces, the Ghurka performed astounding feats that were legendary for their stealth and courage. They were said to have regularly slipped through German lines, past the sentries, and into the trenches and foxholes. The German forces slept two troops per foxhole. The Ghurka were known to have cut the throat of one man from each foxhole without waking the second man. This was done so that the remaining Germans, upon waking, would find their dead right next to them. Those that were left alive quickly spread the story among the other German troops with an adverse effect on morale.

The knife is hand made and takes 4 men a whole day. It is 17 1/2 inches long and 2 1/4" wide.

This Ghurka Kukri has a 12" blade constructed from hand forged carbon steel. Full tang and solid wood handle with 2 accessory knives. Also includes regimental sheath and is 18" overall. This not a cheap copy which you may see on the internet. This is the real thing.