Vintage GI Joe Figures HQ & Vehicles Lot 1982-87 (Rare Fridge Perry&Hooded Cobra

Large collection of GI Joe ARAH figures and vehicles over 75 3-3/4" figures including Rare William "Fridge" Perry (complete) and Mail Away Hooded Cobra Commander figure
Most Figures are from series I-IV (1982-1985)
Vehicles include: VAMP (1982) Headquarters Commander Center (1983) Chameleon (1983) Sky Hawk (1984) Cobra Night Lander (1985) Ferret (1985) complete Devilfish (1986) complete Pom-Pom Gun (1987) complete (working motor) Eliminator (1987) complete
All pieces were heavily played with and some are broken. Comes with Vintage carrying case and series I and II checklist and mail away flier (circa 1984.)