Vintage GIANT 31" Clear Plastic Christmas / Gumdrop / Money Tree IOB


This is absolutely the very largest gumdrop tree I have ever seen or even heard about. It is 31 inches tall and 24 inches wide at the widest. It comes in its original box and even still has the instruction sheet. The plastic is embossed adding nice detail.

I call this a gumdrop tree but it can be decorated in many ways. Along the bottom of most 'branches' there are notches to hang decorations. It can be decorated with a combination of decorations and gumdrops (or not) for Christmas, Valentines Day, Halloween, or any special occasion. It could even be used as a money tree at a wedding, a shower, birthday party, graduation, retirement party, etc .

I don't know the age but the instruction sheet has darkened over the years so it's probably circa 1960's or so.

The tree lays flat in the box and to assemble it, fan out the bottom sections to form a circle and slip the 'guide plaque' over the sections. Place tree on the base and slip the red cone tip over the top of the tree.

It originally came with a split ring that slips over the guide plaque at the bottom but this ring is missing. I've had the tree assembled for about a week now and the tree is very sturdy without it.

Note, there are chains at a couple intervals that add stability to this very large and impressive
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