Up for auction is a vintage Gibson GK-55 electric guitar with case. I am not a musician and will try to describe the best I know how. I hooked it up to a small amplifier and it worked. I am not sure if all the pieces on the guitar are original. Not sure if all pickups work either. The guitar is straight and true and not warped on neck. There is a small screw missing on the GK-55 emblem. The serial number on back of top of guitar is 72119015 and also marked Made in USA. I had a friend tell me to put dimes under the strings between first two frets. The one close to top is right up against string and the dime under second one is just a little amount between. I have been told this means there is very little wear. There is a case that is in poor condition that comes with the guitar. Although not able to show in the pictures there is some marring on back where a belt buckle must have hit against it. It is hard to show in the pictures. Overall I would say the guitar is in good overall cosmetic condition for the age. I also understand that this guitar was only made one year and only one thousand were made. Thanks for viewing this auction.