Vintage A.C. Gilbert Puzzle Parties - Very Rare

Vintage & Rare

A.C. Gilbert's

Puzzle Parties

Classic puzzles from New Haven, CT's A.C. Gilbert Co. The same folks that made American Flyer Trains, Magic Sets, Chemistry Experiments, and the famous Erector Sets.

There were basically two different types of Puzzle Party puzzles made: wire puzzles that linked together and you had to figure out how to unlink them, and these...more of a dexterity based puzzle. There are six puzzles in the set, each one different. I've been checking for a while now, and as of the time that I'm posting this, I've never seen this particular set for auction here.

The puzzles all still work as they should. The colors and graphics on the box are still vibrant. The box top is worn (as seen in the photo). Each puzzle is in it's own cardboard box. They are all in good shape for their age. Under each cardboard cover there is a piece of glass (I removed them for the individual shots above). Five of them are fine, one of them is broken but could easily be replaced (they could all use a little elbow grease and some Windex - I didn't want to handle them too much to avoid breakage).

This is a fragile item (because of the glass covers) and it will be carefully packaged and shipped via Priority Mail. This is to minimize the amount of time the item is in transit
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