Vintage Ginger Doll Outfit Gay Nineties #884 Sheer &Flower Print Dress Hat Shoes

Vintage 1950's Cosmopolitan Ginger Doll Outfit

Vintage 1950's Cosmopolitan Ginger Doll outfit #884 from the Gay Nineties Series. The only information I have on this outfit is from an old 1950's Ginger doll outfit pamplet. The picture is not very detailed in the I am not sure what is missing from this outfit. I really do not think it is complete.

The top of the dress is made of a sheer see-thru material. I am not sure if there sould be something under it. I also think there should be a hoop slip that made this dress puff out. The pamplet shows a feather boa and a belt. I do not have those. I am only selling the pieces I have: dress, hat, and shoes. All 3 of these items came together at an estate sale.

The dress is beautiful. It has no damage, stains, repairs, or bad odors. The same with the hat. 1 shoe needs reshaping. Everything is beautiful and clean. Outfit has never been washed. Dress is very wrinkled and needs to be gently ironed. My photos do not do this outfit justice. They show a wrinkled dress. Outfit is like new with the exception of creases and one shoe that is out of shape on the top due to storage.

Dress has a sheer see-thru top with lace trim and a black bow. The bottom of the dress is a shiny satin type material with flower print and metallic leaves print. It has black velvet
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