Vintage GINNY type Doll - hard plastic strung, painted lower lashes - GINGER ?

Vintage hard plastic Ginny-type doll with no markings seen, about 7 1/2" tall. She is a straight leg strung doll. I gently pulled an arm out and she has the "C" shaped hook, which I was told means she is Ginger, by Cosmopolitan; I am not knowledgeable of these, so please look at the photos to determine who she is. She does have some rubs on her face (see photos), with a hint of blush remaining on her cheeks. She has painted eyebrows and lower eye lashes; her sleep eyes have molded lashes. The sleep eyes do open/close well; however, when she is laid on her back, the left eye partially falls into her head, so the eyes will need to be reset - I tried a couple of angles to show it, but it is not obvious in the photos. Her lovely red hair looks great from the front and one side, but has a sparse area on the back-right side. I think styling could cover this area - I am just no good at fixing hair! She also has a missing finger on her left hand She has molded shoes on her feet. Please see photos for condition - I tried to photo any flaws. N o cleaning attempted. Vintage Displayed/used condition. Please see photos. Sorry for flash reflections. Other dolls/clothes listed, including more Ginny/Ginger items!
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