is a great opportunity to get this fantastic collection of vintage Evenflo glass baby bottles; most are complete with soft latex nipples, bottle caps, rings and covers. T are six 8-ounce bottles, and seven 4-ounce bottles with 6 complete sets of nipples, caps, rings and covers. T are an additional odd 9 caps, 4 rings and 5 covers. Glass cleans completely and does not retain stale flavors and unhealthy bacteria. Recent concerns about the bisphenol A present in the plastic many or most baby bottles are made of leaching into baby formula, juice etc. are just too worrisome to take the risk...DON'T USE PLASTIC BABY BOTTLES! It's not necessary, not better, and may potentially be harmful to your child! Check out this TIME article ( /time/health/article/0,8599,1711398,00.html ) and do some other online research, but the bottom line for me is until and unless it's absolutely KNOWN to be 100% safe, I don't want my baby using a plastic bottle! Some studies are very frightening regarding hormones and early maturation... check it out for yourself. Glass sterilizes completely (even in the dishwasher with no extra effort!) and is fantastic if you are a nursing mom that uses a breast pump and needs to freeze milk. T is really no comparison for safety and quality, and these vintage bottles can be yours for less than the cost of new, plastic,

Winning bidder pays shipping costs; insurance is recommended. I pack very carefully, and do not pad costs; you only pay what I pay!

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