Vintage Gold Tone Long Snake Chain W/Gold Tear Charms Lariat & Clip Earring Set

I have had to change it up a bit. I had a buyer message me and tell me that what I had to say on my about me page was hysterical. She also said it's a shame everyone does not read it because some of my feedback mentioned the smell of smoke in the packages I send. I am not a smoker but those dogs are as well as the hubby and all his friends. I do explain that on my page but those of you who fail to read it and get something smelling of smoke you probably think, well you don't know what to think. So starting right now all of my descriptions will be at the bottom of the page. That way everyone will have an opportunity to read all about my methods to my madness. That will discourage anyone who is allergic from buying something they shouldn't. It will also help my feedback considering I have had some mention the smell of smoke in feedback and I do clearly mention the smoking dogs, the loud obnoxious bird and the extra dog hair in my tape that I send free of charge. So the description for all of my pretties are at the bottom of this page. Thanks,
About Me
I am not a very formal person and I don't consider this a business. I just have some things I want to get rid of and have found that eBay is the best place to do that. I honestly don't have the energy for yard sales and I certainly don't have it for a booth at the local flea
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