Vintage Gordon's Krunchee Chips Space 24 Coins Capsule

is a vintage 1960s space premium toy from Gordon's Potato Chips and Krun-chee Potato Chips. It's called the space Magic Gordon's Space Coin capsule. T are two 12 3/4" by 9 3/4" holders and 24 coins. Advertising on the back of these is from Gordon's Potato Chips and Krun-chee potato chips.. One capsule holder has the Gordon's Logo Truck "Trucks Serving the Best" Space Coin Capsule" in gold. Both are impressed "Space magic made in USA". T are 24coins,some marked Gordon's and some marked Krun-Chee Potato Chips. Includes:(G indicates Gordon's advertising on back. K indicates krun-chee and no letter indicates no advertsing on back)
2. Liquid fuel rocket, 1926, Ddr. R.H. goddard USA K 3. VFR experimental rocket Germany, 1932 G
4. german V-1 rocket World War II G
5. german v-2 Rocket World War II G 9.Viking K
12. Jupiter C, no advertising
15 Thor Able Star. T are three of these one Gordons,one Krun-chee, and one with no advertising. 22 Explorer 1 G
26. Transit 2A & NRL G
25. Explorer 7 G 27 Echo 1 K
29 Telstar Two of these, one Gordons one Krunchee
30 Courier 1 G 31 Lunik 1 Jan.2, 1959 G
32.Lunik 2, Sept,.12 1959 G 33. Lunik 3 oct.4, 1959 34. Sputnik 1 Oct. 4, 1957 G
36. Sputnik 3 May 15, 1958 G 37. Grissom Helicopter pick up K
53. US Moon vehicle artists conception,
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