Whirlaway Reel & Rod

Several items that will be listed in the near future are from a Newly Acquired Collection from an N.F.L.C.C. Collector in our hometown. We may refer to these items as being from the Tim G. Collection. Over 100 Antique Fishing Rods and Reels, 20 Tackle Boxes, Lures and a lot more will be listed from this longtime Antique Collection. All kinds of new listings will be hitting so make sure to keep an eye out...

Up for consideration is this VINTAGE GREAT LAKES WHIRLAWAY SPINNING REEL WITH GLASS ROD. This auction includes the RARE Whirlaway Reel and the Glass Rod it was attached to when found. This is another great item from Tim's rod and reel collection. The reel is maker marked as follows: Whirlaway GREAT LAKES PRODUCTS, INC. Detroit Mich. PAT. ?299156. A hole is drilled at the beginning of the patent number so we can't be sure of the first number. The Rod is not marked but believed to be the original rod that came with the reel. CONDITION: This reel is going to need some minor repairs! The total length as seen below is aprox. 72". This includes the reel portion and the glass rod. The Whirlaway Reel section alone is aprox. 10" long. Both rod and reel are soiled as seen. The reel is well used and going to need some minor repairs as mentioned. The original screws holding the
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