Vintage Green Glass Wine Chiller/Decanter Wt Ice Holder

This is a listing for a vintage green glass wine chilling bottle. The bottle measures 10 1/2" in height and approximately 8" across bottle. The inner circle of glass on the inside of the bottle measures approximately 6" in depth and 4" in width. The wine of your choice is poured into the top of the bottle, and ice is placed into the inner circle of glass on the inside to keep the wine chilled perfectly. The cork stopper is decorated with Raffia straw and we think the 2" round cork on the side is made from the straw as well. After your wine is chilled, the bottle has a pour spout and serves as a decanter. It is in excellent condition, and shows little or no use. If you have any questions about the vintage (we think from the 40's or 50's) wine chilling bottle, please feel free to ask, we will be happy to answer as best we can. We are adding items weekly, so please check out our other items !