Vintage Green Monarch Wood Burning Cook Stove Antique

Vintage Green Monarch Wood & Coal Burning CookStove Antique

This is a great old woodburning cookstove. It was designed to burn coal or wood. It is in remarkable good condition. When one is facing the stove, on the right side of the stove t is a built in copper boiler. This stove was found in a barn but had apparently never seen roof leaks as any rust is quite light. It should clean up nicely. It is all very solid and the firebox is in great shape. The overn door latches are broken and or missing parts. The crank for the coal chute is missing but can be turned with a wrench. I imagine t was a removabe handle for the stove lids but we did not get it with the stove. Otherwise I see no missing or broken items although t could be minor items I missed. I considered keeping the stove as an ornamental piece in our house but really had no place for it.

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