Vintage Gretsch Jazz Drums

Up for auction is my vintage Gretsch drum set from the 1960s. It consists of 3 pieces: 14x20 kick, 8x12 tom, and 14x14 floor tom. All are 6 ply and unusually the bass and small tom are natural wood finish on the inside and have no grey paint (all 3 drums have paper tags with very close numbers/factory matched)
There were some obvious modifications to the kick drum. The original rail mount was replaced with a Ludwig tom mount probably sometime in the 70s.There are two extra holes that have been filled and the job has been done to a high standard. The floor tom legs, bass drum spurs and cymbal arm are not original.
The wrap is in great shape. The hoop inlays started to come off years ago and were glued back in place at some point. There is a chip on the outer wrap(that has been well repaired) this is completely hidden when the head is on the bass drum *pictured. There is no badge on the bass drum probably because a hole was drilled over it for the Ludwig tom mount, but the other drums still have them. The dampeners are still intact and functional on all drums.
There are typical cosmetic issues for a kit that is so old, but no major damage. Overall it is in very nice condition and can be played and enjoyed for years to come.This is one of the best roundbadge kits ive ever played and sounds great at all tunings and very


Have a look at my 40s Radio King set to be listed very soon.

Please no more buy now offers!! There is alot of interest and think its fair to let it run to the end.


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