Vintage Gruen Carre Purse Pocket Watch Table Clock

In this auction I am parting with a watch that has been in my family since the 1930's. It is a Gruen Carre (with an accent over the final "e").

If you "google" Gruen watch, in the history of the company you will learn that the Carre is a "very chic Gruen that clicks open at a finger touch." Actually, you have to sort of push it open!

When you read the Gruen article, you will also see a picture of my grandfather, Ben Katz. He gave the watch to my mom, who then gave it to me. I have owned it for about 40 years. I think it was working when I first got it, but it has been in a safe deposit box for many years.

This watch had three intended uses: as a man's pocket watch, as a woman's purse watch, and as a small, portable table clock.

These watches were made between 1931-1934.

On the face of the watch is written "Gruen Guild" at the top, and "Switzerland" on the bottom.

On one side of the watch is engraved "Carre," and on the other side the numbers 2812 are engraved.

According to the article about Gruen, the Carre contains a round, 15-jewel movement.

When closed, the watch measures about 1 inch square.

I just spent almost $300 to get this watch to run again. It was fixed by horologist, Claudio Lanzafame. I remember him telling me he fixed the balance, and some
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