Vintage Guatemalan Textile: CHICHICASTENANGO CORTE, Jaspe Dye Pattern

Vint Mayan Corte from Chichicastenango , Guatemala

Use : Traditional dress of female Mayans (wrapped around their wastes as skirts). Table or window covering, wall hanging or a textile for up-cycling.

Style/History : Weave of cotton. Classical jaspe design patterns with ornate iconography. A collectors textile.

Approx. Size: 88" long x 33" across

Condition : Vintage, light wear, very good

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Shipping : Priority shipping w/in the US from Florida. Please contact about combing items and international shipping.

About me : I work directly with artisans, families and collectors here in Guatemala. In the spirit of fair trade, they get their asking price for this garment when it is purchased. Add a truly unique piece to your wardrobe or collection while helping this devastated economy.

Please, contact me with any questions. My best, Permtran.

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