Vintage Gun SHAPED cig. Lighter & Case Razzia German

.This is a Plastic Lighter & Cigarette C ase .~ NOT~A GUN!!!! It is shaped like a pistol. it is intended and ~can only be used as what it was made to be ~as a cigarette lighter & cigarette case

Made in Germany by * Razzia* .This cigarette lighter and case in the shape of a gun. pull the trigger once ,the top pops open w cigarettes can be stored and pull the trigger a second time the lighter is activated at the end of the barrel. Its in Great condition, IN NEED OF A FLINT AND FUEL, and its ready to go. Overall measures 4" x 3.5".

. a 40`s/50`s *Razzia*,Made in Germany-cigarette lighter and case


Winner pays with paypal within 3 days of end of auction. after said third day item will be relisted automaticly.~No Exceptions Thank you for bidding.