Vintage Halloween Black Cat 1950s Paper Mache Lantern

Vintage 1950s Halloween

Paper Mache Lantern


We picked up a number of interesting items from a consignor the other day and nearly flipped over this vintage black cat lantern, made of paper mache. Apparently the idea was to arm your little mask-wearing tot wearing a flammable costume with a candle in a PAPER lantern holder while he goes out Trick or Treating. What were they thinking???!!!

Anyway, this is one marvelous piece of old Halloween memorabilia and would really stand out in a collection of old Halloween items. The cat stands nearly 8" tall and has a wire holder attached to the top. The paper mache is in good to very good condition - t is a bit of rubbing wear, but not bad, and all in all, one of the best we've seen offered on the web. I took photos with the sun coming in from behind the cat, so the eyes nose and mouth all kind of glow and I must tell you, the cat looks a little spooky.

Please check out our other auctions, as we are also selling a vintage jack-o-lantern lantern on another auction, and we'd be delighted to combine the two Halloween auctions for no additional shipping. Just to confirm, this auction is for the black cat ONLY - the pumpkin is offered on another auction! And shipping, by the way, will run $5.90 with insurance optional and additional, to be determined
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