I am offering a unique vintage Halloween item that was recently discovered in a local estate liquidation. It is The Sibyl Fortune Telling Doll, by the Sibyl Fortune Telling Doll Co., 1310 So. Hobart Ave., Los Angeles , Calif. I can not find a date on any of the literature with the doll but my quess is that it dates to the 1920s, but I am not sure. The Sibyl doll is a 1/2 doll that is fashioned on a metal post that fits into a cardboard base with the days of the week (Your Next Lucky Day) printed on it. The doll has a fantastic (very spooky!) molded and painted paper mache head and hands and a cloth stuffed body. The hair is real grey hair and the black cotton fabric jacket is superbly decorated with scarry cats, bat, moon, star, snake, wishbone, witch, etc. The doll, when attached to the base, measures 10 1/2" tall. The Fortune Teller comes with the original stapled paper booklet. The cover of the booklet reads " If the truth you wish to learn, Give my base a quarter turn. Find your question in this book, On it's number closely look. The color, too, just keep in mind, on nearest fold of same hue, find your answer clear and true." Also with the doll is a printed red cardboard circle which is part of the kit, that is marked with the astrological signs. On it is printed "Lay flat (this side up) and slip between the two bases as far ... read more