This AMAZING glass marble is part of a larger lot. It is the one and only. Years ago my father worked in a east German circus-carnival shooting which toured the countries of the Eastern Bloc there parents were shooting at targets to win th ese incredibly handmade marbles for their children. And then he changed his job so these marbles were in forgotten our old house until several months ago when found them again. I do not know where these beautiful marbles are made but sure and I guarantee they are at least 47 years. Please do not hesitate to contact mе if you have any questions or require additional pictures. I send parcels registered, and follow-up and,as always, money back within 14 days no questions asked! This magnificent marble is a very good investment and its cost can only increase and he'll be a great ADDITION TO YOUR COLLECTION! When buying more than one item I will combine the delivery costs to 6 marbles the shipping is 5$ for each additional 1$. For more than 12 MARBLES In ONE DAY AUCTIONS FR EE SHIPP ING !!!
Check out my other items !there you will find more antique marbles and circus- carnival shooting items. Please make payment through Paypal within 72 hours after auction is completed. If you need a longer time frame contact me. If I do not hear from you I will take the appropriate actions to solve the issue.
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