vintage , hand painted CANISTER SET.. a must see...

I have a very unique, old canister set. None of the pieces have any paint they are bright and clear..All the tops fit very well. I do not know the name of the pattern. They are marked on the bottom...ITALIA BY ARNART.. Ther eis also bits of silver paper labels still on some but they are not readable.

Flour... stands 10 1/4" tall. It does have a small hair line crack..but it is not visible unless you look for it. It does not affect holding flour, if you choose to do so. No chips...the top is perfect.

Cookies..stands 9 1/2" tall and also has a small, almost invisible hair line chips and the top is perfect.

Sugar...stands 8 1/2" tall. the top is perfect..and I can not find anything wrong with this whole piece.

coffee is 7" and tea is 6" and they are both undamaged to the un- trained are the tops.

1 Cup is 3 1/2" tall and 1/2 cup is 3" tall and both are very chips.

Creamer is 3 1/2" tall and is perfect. These topless pieces have a very nice ring to them when they are rubbed across the top.

Pepper and Paprika are 4" tall and are perfect and they have stoppers.

Just imagine if you could find the other spice jars what a wonderful set you would have collected.

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