Vintage hand puppets - goat, frog(?) and bird .Supposedly ex Polka Theatre

I was told that these puppets came from the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon but there is no proof of this .

The goat is very charming with eyes that open and close which enables the puppet to be very expressive. He has a lovely goatee beard and hooves of fur.His muzzle is made of cream suede.His hat is loose and somewhat miss-shapen but could be rectified easily.He is 17inches (44cms. ) long.

I have described the green creature as a frog but really do not know what he is meant to be.He has fur , a yellow pointed ruff and green beak. He is 15inches (41cms) long.

The bird is 10inches long(25cms).

They were all obviously made by hand.

All puppets show some signs of wear and tear. I have included lots of photos in the hope of showing them accurately.