Vintage Handcrafted Southwestern Fetish-Style Necklace

Vintage Handcrafted Southwestern Fetish-Style Necklace from the 1980s
I'm told that 20 years+ old is what's called "vintage". I know that's true for guitars.
This is a fetish "style" necklace. It is made of various small animals crafted from turquoise, tortoise shell and various other stones and shells. My wife purchased it in Sedona, Arizona, in the mid-1980s. It has been stored in a box since the 1990s. The clasp works perfectly.
Ebay pulled this listing the first time around because some "good citizen" reported it as "fraudulent and violating the Artifacts Law of 1991". TFORE, I AM NOT GOING TO CLAIM--AND CANNOT CLAIM--THAT THIS IS A NATIVE AMERICAN ZUNI PRODUCED WORK OF JEWELRY. That would be against Ebay policy and I wouldn't want to do that. All I can claim is that it is a "Southwestern Fetish-Style Necklace from the 1980s". You be the judge and determine w the quality is.
For people who need to stand on ceremony it is important to understand that prior to 1991 "maker's marks" or any other type of documentation or proof regarding the authenticity of Native Art was not required. Some pieces had "maker's marks", others didn't. Sometimes a name was written on an object, other times not. In many cases documentation was impossible to obtain. That didn't stop anybody from selling things prior to 1991, though. I
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