Vintage handheld game - Grandstand - BMX Flyer (1983)

Vintage handheld game - Grandstand - BMX Flyer ( 1983 )
You are bidding in a fully tested and working 'Grandstand - BMX Flyer' handheld game.
Very good quality game from Grandstand compared to others they made ( Astrowars, etc ). This game actually has a high voltage back light tube ( also tested and super bright as you can see ).
All buttons are firm and responsive, battery cover present and battery compartment is free from battery corrosion. Quite the fun game! Very addictive, I can know see why this is a hot potato it is on Ebay...
Love the hot air balloon lady, the angry helicopter pilot dropping bombs, seagulls! ( Angry birds indeed! )
The screen has scratches and unit has minor scuffs but it's still great fun to play! :)

Here's a video of me play the game

Watch the video for this BMX Flyer