Vintage Handmade Quilts

I have for sale a vintage handmade quilt that my aunt made and gave to me. It has sat in my closet for about 30 years and off and on I have used it on my bed, so it has been washed. The threads are coming loose all over the quilt as you can see by the pictures. It has no yellowing, spots or stains on it that I can see. It is a very pretty quilt and because I need the space I am putting a few on ebay.
My aunt lived in a rural community in Ohio on a farm. She and her friends would sit around all day making quilts. When we as kids would come to visit her she would lay out all her newest quilts and we could pick one to take home with us every time we came to see her. I admired these quilts so much as a little girl, but the time has come to let some go. I would like it to go to a good home, so someone else can enjoy its beauty.