VINTAGE HANDY COUNTER/ Manual Pocket Calculator

This is a 1950 era pocket calculator called a Handy Counter. It is a small handheld plastic device half the size of a pack of cigarettes and it is used to keep a running total of numbers. By pressing the appropriate push button on the top, you enter the price of an item in 100's, 10's and 1's . As you add more items by continuing to press the buttons, the Handy Counter keeps track of the total -- just like a modern pocket calculator... only this device did it many years sooner. These were often used in grocery stores to keep a running total of purchases.

Measures 4 ½ by 2 inches in a light beige plastic housing. On the back at the bottom is printed in capital letters in the same color plastic, " U K DESIGN REGD NO 922017 MADE IN HONG KONG" and LOBLCO is in script with an oval around it.

T are three push buttons at the top, and they correspond with three numbers , the numbers are written in red on the front, as well as the words HANDY COUNTER in red. The numbers read 100 and 10 and 1: when these buttons are pressed, the numbers show in a small window beneath each button. A metal switch switches from adding mode to subtracting mode. The switch reveals a metal sign with a plus mark or a red minus mark. On the side is a zero switch which is pulled to return the
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