Vintage Harley Style Motorcycle Cap Hat Elvis Brando

Starburst" Motorcycle
Rider's Cap
Patent Pending
Size 7 3/8
Perfect for your Collection or to wear while Riding.
Hello. You are bidding on a very rare style motorcycle rider's cap. Never Been Worn. Brand New Model.
This style cap hasbeen made popular by celebrities and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. Extremely hard to find...until now. Supreme Quality and Craftsmanship Guaranteed! Made in the U.S.A.
Important note: These caps are a top quality reproduction made with the exact materials and to the exact specifications, as well as manufactured in the same way as the originals. It is as if the original cap is still in production today. I, myself, have been a big fan of these caps for many years though it is extremely rare to run across an original; and when you do, it's not the right size, so I decided to produce this great cap. Extra attention and detail was given to the "starburst" patch. Because I am somewhat of a perfectionist and I designed this cap for me to wear personally, I made sure this cap is perfect in every way. I wear one daily as I ride my motorcycle.
This cap is size 7 3/8 . The hat sizing chart states that a person who's head measures 23" to 23 1/4" in inches with a measuring tape just above the ears wears a 7 3/8 hat. This is a very popular size. Hat may also be fine adjusted
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