Vintage Hawaiian Girl Bronze Hula Lamp W/Original Shade

's a great vintage Hawaiian Hula girl lamp which I recently purchased at an estate sale. The total heighth of the lamp and shade is 28". The original parchment shade measures 21" wide and is 12" tall. This lovely lady is wearing an off white floral lei around her neck, I'm not sure what it is made from, and she has her original off white silk skirt. She is a carnival bronze color, and t are a couple of small wear spots on her arms, but nothing major. The round base has three colors of bronze on it, and it also has slight wear. T is a button on the back of the base. By turning it once, the light comes on, turn again, and the girls hips should begin to sway, however, although I can hear the motor running, her hips do not move. Turn it again, and both the light comes on, and girl should begin to hula. I do not believe this is the original cord, because it is a heavy black cord. I think you could have it fixed so it would hula again, because like I said, the motor is running. The shade has some staining on it, but it looks great with this lamp. T are no dents on this lamp, nor any cracks. Now, I would need to ship the shade and lamp separately. Due to the size of the shade, shipping on it would run around $50.00 to the 48 states. The lamp will ship for $20.00 to the 48 states. If you do not want the shade, I will definately adjust the ... read more