Vintage HB Hofbrauhaus Munchen carved wood cart horses

This is an auction for a fantastic vintage hand carved wooden sculpture advertising HB Hofbrauhaus Munchen beer from Germany. This is a piece from my grandparents' estate. I don't know any of the history of this piece, other than I believe it was made in Germany, and it has to be at least 40 years old. It has been on display on top of a cabinet in their home for literally decades. The cart is carrying 8 HB beer barrels, the driver is sitting on a barrel, the reins are intact and original, the horses' chains are intact and original. T are two horses pulling this cart. The only damage I can notice by looking at it is that I think the stick that that driver is holding is broken at the top (I think it might have been a whip) and one of the beer barrels (the middle one on the bottom row) has a circular scratch of some sort on the top. Other than that, this appears to be in excellent condition, especially considering the age. The bottom of the figure has green felt affixed to it so this can be on your table without scratching it, or sliding off. This hand carved figure measures: 17-1/4" long by 4-1/2" wide and stands 8-1/2" tall. PLEASE NOTE: All sales are final. I am not an expert, but I am an honest seller (please look at my feedback). I have done my best to photograph and describe this item. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate ... read more