I remember the old Helms Bakery van during the 1940's. We would look forward to hearing the 'beep beep' and flock to buy their freshly baked goods as it made it's way driving through the neighborhood. The cards were hung in front of the house to make sure the truck would stop t, andt once it did it was fair game for everyone. The company had gradually started replacing the old vans with panel trucks that had deep sliding drawers in the back of it, around the late 40's. The picture of the panel truck is depicted on the reverse of the card along with the address and phone number. This address is in Montebello, California, not the original Helms building on Venice Blvd. in Santa Monica, Ca. As the Montebello location was established at a later date, I would guess that t would be less of these cards available today. It measures 7 1/16 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches tall. T is a crease in the center of it that extends 2/3 of the height down. But the card had been slipped inside of a clear plastic bag and sealed for durability and overall is in fine condition. Send in your inquiries before bidding and please notice that I do not accept PayPal. I bill only for the actual shipping costs and t is no handling charge. Thanks for browsing and happy bidding!