Vintage Hezzanith of Paris Military Binoculars. Le Petit, Fab't.

This is a nice old pair of French Military Binoculars. They need a bit of work but are, in my opinion worth the effort.
They are Hezzanith, by L. Petit, Fab't, of Paris. The Binoculars are similar to those available between the Wars and could be termed 'Field Binoculars'.
You will see by the photographs that they have a Military connotation and carry the War Department Arrow over a capital N on the left hand barrel. The right hand barrel has a seroes of letters and numbers R? 53, 46945.
The downside is that the leather barrel covers are missing. The green colour you see is verdigris which has formed on the brass body. The normally exposed body parts such as lens cups and the fore end etc. There is some dust in the lenses but they work well enough. There are built in lens hoods but the one on the right hand barrel is a bit loose.
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