Vintage Hiller VZ-1 Flying Platform Wen-Mac Model Toy

Vintage flying model of the 1954 Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee single-man flying platform. Made in 1956 by the Wen-Mac company. Includes built-in single-cylinder gasoline engine (Cox-type glow plug? Not sure). Item is all-original and appears to be complete. It is in very good condition for over 50 years old. Nothing broken or repaired. No rust or corrosion. Chrome parts are shiny with no pitting. Engine has compression. Markings are for USN/ONR (United Stares Navy / Office of Naval Research). Made of plastic and metal. Approx. size is 6.5"tall x 6"dia. Model will be packaged professionally for shipping. To help increase eBay's profits, it is now illegal for me to accept payments by check or money order. Please check out my other airplane models.