Vintage M Hohner Harmonica The Marine Band Echo 683 Tremolo Concert Harp Antique

Offered for your consideration is this vintage Pre-War M. Hohner The Marine Band Echo Tremolo No. 683 Concert Harp, circa 1920's. It boasts 192 REEDS! This is an extremely large Harmonica that measures approximately L-15 3/4" : W-2 1/4". The harmonica itself is in amazing condition. The chrome is vivid as well as the dark red finish being very vibrant. It does not exhibit any denting and sounds just wonderful. One side of the harmonica reads "MARINE BAND ECHO TREMOLO PATENTED MADE IN GERMANY" while the other features 2 hands holding a circle with a star in the center reading "GESETZL GESCHUTZ". This side also features the names "D. VERDIENSTE" "1873" and "GR. BRONCE" "1876" as well as other images and wording. The box features awards,on the left hand one says 'GRAND PRIX PHILADELPHIA 1926' and the right hand one says 'GOLD MEDAL SAN FRANCISCO 1915'. The box shows extensive wear and loss to the red outer wrapping. It is also missing one hinge as well as a few breaks to the wood. Although the original case does exhibit wear it has protected the harmonica wonderfully and it shows in the excellent condition the harmonica displays. This is a stunning precision musical instrument that just does not come along all that often. Please do not miss this opportunity to add it to your collection.

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