Vintage Holosteric Barometer Made in France by NPHB

Vintage Holosteric Barometer Made in France by NPHB, Very Good

Found at an antique auction, this vintage holosteric barometer was made in France by Naudet Pertius Hulot Barometres. It is marked on the front and back with NPHB in a circle. It is also marked on the front with what I assume is the name of the retailer who sold it. In addition, it is marked on the front with "FAHRENHEIT THERMOMETER." About 6.5" in diameter, it looks like it's in very good condition overall, and all functions seem to be functioning. However, I know next to nothing about holosteric barometers of any age, so I'll try to answer all questions and will be glad to email close-ups of any part or parts. Please note t is a speck of white on the end of the mercury line that is encased in the semicircular glass tube used to show temperature located on the bottom half of the barometer. Howver, the mercury line has stayed consistent and continues to measure temperature accurately. In addition, t are some spots on some of the metal parts on the inside as well as a tiny scratch on the edge of the glass in one spot. It still seems an excellent addition to any collection. Thanks for looking.

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