Vintage Holster Embossed Leather

Here is a realy really nice holster Ã,Â- I donÃ,Â't believe it is antique my feeling is that it is vintage 1950Ã,Â's. The holster is in heavy embossed leather and the leather is very thick and heavy it has the holders on the side for the bullets and it has the leg straps. The holster actually appears in my opinion to have actually never been worn Ã,Â- it is excellent 100% great condition. It has a silver colored buckle Ã,Â- silver colored rivets and the number 34 embossed on the belt tab I suspect that is what the size of the belt along with an embossed oval stamp that reads Ã,Â"J. NUNEZ HECHO EN MEXICO.Ã,Â" The tooling is all over floral and the patina and the color of the leather is quite spectacular - it is still soft and pliable. On the inside of the belt above the gun pocket in black are the numbers .357 The gun pocket measures 12 Ã,¼Ã,Â"l x 4 Ã,½Ã,Â" at widest point. Striving For Excellence It isnÃ,Â't brilliance or just getting the breaks, It is consistent attention to & honest respect for the Customer. Blue Dolphin Antiques 164 Atlantic Hwy Northport, Maine 04849 #