Vintage Horse Saddlery-Hardware-Saddle-Harness Catalogs

This listing is for 13 vintage catalogs, most from the 1920âe(tm)s to 1930âe(tm)s period. These catalogs were obtained from a Lancaster County, PA harness shop that closed after many years in business. These catalogs display illustrations of numerous horse and saddlery related items from this time period including: saddles, bridles, bits, spurs, hames, rosettes, harness and harness hardware, straps, pads and blankets, collars, vet supplies, grooming supplies and whips. In addition to horse related items other products carried by makers were found in catalogs including: farm supplies, milking machines and other items. These are a great source of reference and generally interesting to look through. These sell without reserve and âeoeas isâe.

1. The Ellsworth Haffner Company - Catalog # 2 - Wholesale Manufacturers of Harness and Horse Collars - 1936 - 265 pages - 3 hole binder style catalog - size 8 ¾âe x 11 ½âe - comes with a cover letter / notice of price change on company letterhead - in good condition except for small piece of front cover missing in the corner.

2. Fred P. Fisher 1936 Yearly Mail Order Catalog - this is a 61 page catalog that covers a variety of horse and farm related items including some cow milking machines of that time period - size is 8 ½âe x 11âe - this was in very good condition however,
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