Vintage Horse Tricycle

This Vintage/Antique Wood/Resin Horse Tricycle is in very good condition for it's age.The body has a very small spot that was repaired, very had to find. The wheels are wood or resin inside metal and metal spokes, front wheel is 10" dia, rear wheels are 11 3/4" dia. The handle bars are 14 1/2" across and 22 3/4" high. The rear wheels are 11 3/4 across OD. The mounting brackets are cast iron, handle bars are 1/4" rod welded to 3/8" rod going to front fork and the fork is a 3/4" stamping. The saddle is leather with metal stirrups and secured to the horse. The tail looks like real horse hair ??. The eyes look like Glass (Black). Minor cracks in body due to age and wood shrinking. Metal parts have slight surface rust. Tricycle is in good working condition I do not know the age if some on knows please email me, thanks. It is a nice show piece and should not be ridden. Weight of tricycle is appx 14 lbs plus weight of package material. Shipping weight of 20 lbs is only a estimate.