Background: First off!, I am no Hot Wheels Expert! I just happen to be an only child born in 1970 who's father had 3 other brothers that collected Hot Wheels and other brand type cars. This collection of cars, well over 700 of them, were all passed down to me. So I can say many of these cars have been family owned since new. I have purchased some cars online to finish off my personal collection, and also I picked up a collection from an estate sale- in which I kept a couple to add to my personal collection. Please look at ALL the pictures and YOU be the final judge of the cars condition.

Some of you avid collector's may have noticed I have been selling a lot of my Hot Wheels collections as of late. The reason is... I'm getting married to my best friend in less than a year, and she has been patiently waiting for 7 years! So your love of the Hot Wheels is funding her dream beach wedding! Thanks everyone! **** Just had our engagement pictures done!, and wedding plans are on going!

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Redline Hot Wheels Lot of 3 Mustang Stocker all 3! The Mustangs are my favorites! This set is a favorite of mine, though not mint, but in very nice condition especially for the rarity. All have some wear with the blue/yellow with the most. All roll good, glass good, and what a fun and cool addition of cars
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