This used ANTIQUE VINTAGE SCREW JACK was recently discovered in storage. We're guessing that it's older, so we feel comfortable using the term "vintage" and/or "antique". This piece would work great anyw around the home, shop, job site, or special project areas. A definite must-have for the heavy lifting - a great-working jack that's very unique! WE ARE NOT SCREW JACK EXPERTS, so please consult dealers, shops, websites, libraries, experts, and know-it-all friends to make sure this particular item will suit your needs.....

This used ANTIQUE VINTAGE SCREW JACK is approximately 11" tall, with a diameter of about 6.25" at the base, and about 3.5" diameter on the "pad". It works great and is very smooth. The words "JOYCE" and "JOYCE GRIDLAND, DAYTON OHIO", and the numbers "1 1/2 8" are on the exterior. It has surface rust and blemishes on the outside, and use marks in some areas. Structurally it is very solid and very sound, and w e really like the texture on the metal. Be sure and check out all of the pictures!! The screw portion of the jack turns easily and looks to be well-lubricated. T are no flaws or damages to the unit that we could see, except for some remnants of yellow paint on the top (visible in our detailed pictures). It is used, so t may be some minor dents, dings, surface rust spots, dirt, and blemishes that are
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