Two Vintage Hubbly Bubbly Wooden Packing Crates

These are two Hubbly Bubbly wooden soda crates. I believe they are from the 1960s but I haven't been able to find out much about them as there does not appear to be other examples about.

Each crate measures approximately...

L= 39cm (15.5") x W= 26.5cm (10.25") x H= 12.5cm (5").

I am selling quite a few of these boxes in various condition. Generally, the following text is printed on the crates in various degrees of legibility...

"Hubbly Bubbly" with small bubbles above and below the text surrounding the circle.
"Deposit Charged".
"Deposit 3/-".
"Yonder Hill Sawmills Chard Junction & London" or "Makers Fiddes Ltd Aberdeen" depending on box.


The condition varies from box to box so it is best to look at the pictures below, which show details of the boxes for this auction. The following generally applies to all boxes...

Text legibility varies from box to box.
Boxes are fairly clean but unpolished.
There is a steel reinforcing wire around each end, but not always across the top edge.
Most have old woodworm holes in the sides and base, some more than others.
There are some nail holes in the side and base where they were once nailed together to make shelving.
Some have
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