Vintage Huge Silverplate Silver Lot Utensils Dish Plus

This auction is for a large lot of vintage/antique silver plated items. T are two spoons marked "Wm A Rogers A1". The pattern is "Carlton 1898". They are larger spoons...perhaps for soup? Each one measures 7" long and the width across the widest part of the spoon is 1 and 1/2". T is a salad serving type slited spoon marked "EP ZINC, ITALY". Included is a dessert server marked "NSC, EPNS". Four long ice tea spoons are marked "ELMO Pure Silverplate". One pointed spoon is marked "LADY DORIS SILVER PLATE". Also included is a spoon marked 'ROGERS AND BRO ALXII". It has a fair amount of scratch marks and wear of the spoon part. A large serving fork is marked "Rogers Bros IS". The rectagular lided serving dish has a dragon engraved under the lid handle and it measures 11" handle to handle by 6.5". The bottom is marked "Silverplate and initials that read "J ? S". The butter dish is engraved on the lid "RDW" and it measures 5" by 3.5". The bottom is marked "EPC". The "shaker" is initialed "LCL" and the bottom is marked Sterling, P. Revere reproductions", it is 7" tall. The creamer and sugar are about 5" tall, have a fair amount of tarnish and some pitting and are marked "Pilgrim (?) silverplate" T is one coaster about 4" in diameter and is marked "Silverplate EP on steel, made in Itlay". Last are a set of six nut cups, 3" in diameter and ... read more