Vintage Hurricane Lamp Age ??

This auction is for a pre-owned working, white glass Hurrican lamp w/gold base & center section & a clear glass chimney. I’m not sure of the age; it could be from the 50’s. This belonged to one of my great aunts. The shade & base are hand painted w/2 groups of flowers & leaves. The colors are pink, yellow, purple, green & brown. The top shade has a rough bottom edge & 1 small chip. This edge fits into a wire rim. The bottom base is a shiney gold & does have signs of age. The center of the lamp is a gold chalice shape & the base of it looks like it is tarnished & pitted but the cup is still bright gold. The cup holds the bulb socket & the glass chimney.

There is a turn key switch, which is worn looking, for 3 way lighting; top only, bottom only or both top & bottom together. Bulb for top not included and bulb for base is included. From the chalice shape there are 3 gold spokes that go up to a gold ring. These are all tarnished looking.

Some approx. measurements: 10 5/8” base to top of gold ring,

5 5/8” tall top shade, 8” across @ largest point, 10” chimney height & 18 5/8” overall height. The electric cord looks O.K. & works but you might want to replace it. No name or markings on the lamp. I got this lamp from my great aunt’s estate in 1972. I do not know
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