Vintage Ibanez WF10 Wah Fuzz pedal, brother of the WH10, Made in Japan 1980s

Up for auction is an vintage Ibanez WF10 Wah Fuzz pedal. These were made alongside the famous WH10, in fact it's the same pedal but with the option of adding fuzz to the sound by using the switch or plugging in a foot switch. It also has a great feature where you can adjust the range of the Wah sweep as well as the fuzz level- there are two screw adjustments on the base of the pedal. It's a really great sounding Wah and it's a wrench to let it go but I've got some amp repairs to pay for...
For those who aren't familiar with the Ibanez 10 series head to this website which also has a little information and an owners manual and original advert which is helpful. There are also a few videos around detailing the sound such as WF-10 vs CryBaby or Ibanez WF10 Wah Fuzz SONG but also many RHCP fans will know that John Frusciante used this many times on record and in live performances.
It sounds great and has no scratchiness whatsoever. I've just gotten a new pot fitted. I bought this pedal about 10 years ago and it had a scratchy pot. I took it to the repair shop and contact cleaner didn't help- the pot was to far gone! Sadly it's an unusual split pot- I'm told it was probably made for the job and as such couldn't be sourced. However Ibanez recently reissued the WH10 and so parts were again available- and so I got a direct replacement
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